Welcome to my website!

I have been a writer for as long as I can remember. From a very young age I imagined worlds full of characters whether real or fantastic. My writing was formed in prose and poetry, letters or simple ramblings. Most of this was thrown away – who would want to read these musings?

Some stories broke through the doubt.  I first read aloud one of my stories to school children visiting the public library where I worked in the 70s. They loved it, yet it went into a drawer and stayed there until over a decade later when it emerged as bedtime reading for my children.

My writing from this time until the mid-noughties was formal. Press releases, articles for magazines, and it was only when I began to look back at the wealth of this work that I realised I was ‘published’.

I still produce ‘bread-and-butter’ copy, but my real passion is fiction and I am the proud author of three children’s novels, The Thirteenth Box, The Face of Sam and The Moonrakers of Avon. They¬† my Smugglers’ Town Mysteries series. I am currently researching and planning a spin-off book about one of the characters.

Feel free to browse my site. It is new and, in time, I hope it will be full of interesting things …