Debtors, felons and a man who cared

22nd May, 2016

Debtors, felons and a gentleman who cared A little while ago I posted a quote from an 18th-century report by John Howard, who was the first prison reformer. I was reminded of it today as the government announced reforms to the present prison system. John Howard toured the country inspecting prisons and produced a report,… Read More

It’s done, but not quite finished

6th February, 2016

I’ve just completed the third book in my Smugglers’ Town Mysteries series. It isn’t finished though and over the next months the manuscript will be edited, commented upon and proof read in readiness for publication in the summer. This is a time when I step back from the story, remove myself from the world I’ve… Read More

Here, there and everywhere

26th September, 2015

The Thirteenth Box and The Face of Sam are set in late 18th-century Hampshire, in and around the ‘smugglers’ town’ of Christchurch. Christchurch, with its then secluded beaches, a double tide, large harbour with a narrow entrance and two rivers feeding the harbour was an ideal place to bring in sought-after contraband.  Smuggling was undertaken… Read More

The Kentish link

15th August, 2015

In The Face of Sam smugglers from Kent travel to Christchurch in search of Francis Woolsey, a dragoon captain from Faversham. The gang seek revenge for the capture by Woolsey and his men of one of their number and retrieval of a cypher they accuse Woolsey of stealing from them. In fact, the cypher, along… Read More

The price to pay for free books

19th July, 2015

My father was very wise and one of his sayings was ‘there’s no such thing as something for nothing’. We all like ‘free’ things and in the internet age there seems to be even more of a clamour for giveaways. Since the age of the download ‘free’ music and pirate sites have popped up and… Read More

Burton; my home, Danny’s home

16th June, 2015

When planning where in Christchurch the characters for my books should live, I made sure at least one lived in the village of Burton. That character is Danny Clarke. You enter Burton just a mile from Christchurch and it sits mostly within the boundaries of Stony Lane, the road north from Christchurch to Ringwood, and… Read More