The price to pay for free books

19th July, 2015

My father was very wise and one of his sayings was ‘there’s no such thing as something for nothing’. We all like ‘free’ things and in the internet age there seems to be even more of a clamour for giveaways. Since the age of the download ‘free’ music and pirate sites have popped up and… Read More

Burton; my home, Danny’s home

16th June, 2015

When planning where in Christchurch the characters for my books should live, I made sure at least one lived in the village of Burton. That character is Danny Clarke. You enter Burton just a mile from Christchurch and it sits mostly within the boundaries of Stony Lane, the road north from Christchurch to Ringwood, and… Read More

Of Mentors and Tormentors

7th March, 2015

I’m very lucky indeed to have not one, but two writing mentors. Writing can be a solitary occupation where you take yourself to your writing ‘place’ and get down to the task of creating worlds, real or imaginary, depending upon the type and genre. My mentors scrutinise my work, offering suggestions and encouragement in equal… Read More

A book in the hand

20th January, 2015

I was fascinated to read that hard copies of books outsold e-books in the first half of 2014. Sales of hardbacks and paperbacks are still outselling their electronic rivals and growth in the sales of e-books is slowing down. I believe one reason could be technology. With the advent of smart phones, computers dominating the… Read More

The Mystery of History

14th September, 2014

I love history. It is fascinating to read about how people lived in the past within the conditions of the time. Social history tells us as much about human nature and fortitude as it does of human progress. History is often seen in terms of timelines – chronological lists of key people and facts, but… Read More