‘Nearly everyone in Christchurch is a smuggler, or at least takes in the spoils,’ Will Gibbs tells his new friend. ‘But somethin’ different’s goin’ on.’

It’s March 1780. Smuggling along England’s coast is rife, and dangerous … Boxes holding parts of a mysterious machine have been smuggled into a small, south coast town and the chase is on to capture them, especially the all‐important thirteenth box.

In this thrilling story of mystery and adventure, three young friends put themselves in great danger whilst trying to find out what’s going on in their seemingly ordinary town. Who does the machine belong to? And amongst the strange characters they encounter, just who can they trust?

The Thirteenth Box, is the first in the series Smugglers’ Town Mysteries. Set in 18th‐century England, it is action‐packed and full of colourful characters. With a historically correct setting and using real places which families can still visit, it gives a fascinating insight into life at the time.

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