A hobby and a passion, knitted together

4th June, 2016

  When I’m not reading or writing I’m often found with a pair of knitting needles in my hands. I can be working on something for myself or, very often, items for my grandchildren either something to wear or maybe a toy. I was sitting in the garden a few Sundays ago, working on a summer jacket… Read More

Here, there and everywhere

26th September, 2015

The Thirteenth Box and The Face of Sam are set in late 18th-century Hampshire, in and around the ‘smugglers’ town’ of Christchurch. Christchurch, with its then secluded beaches, a double tide, large harbour with a narrow entrance and two rivers feeding the harbour was an ideal place to bring in sought-after contraband.  Smuggling was undertaken… Read More

The Kentish link

15th August, 2015

In The Face of Sam smugglers from Kent travel to Christchurch in search of Francis Woolsey, a dragoon captain from Faversham. The gang seek revenge for the capture by Woolsey and his men of one of their number and retrieval of a cypher they accuse Woolsey of stealing from them. In fact, the cypher, along… Read More