Julie visited Oakdale Library, Poole on Friday 19th February with a talk: Just how smelly was the 18th century? Eleven children heard about life at the time of the Smugglers’ Town Mysteries, and were shown some of the resources Julie uses for research. There were readings from The Thirteenth Box and there were also  artefacts to handle and toWP_20160219_11_11_15_Pro talk about – including Julie’s favourite ‘mystery object’.

After a lot of discussion the children decided it must have been pretty pongy 230 years ago! After the talk Julie chatted and answered questions, and even listened to a piece of writing brought along for her to hear.

‘I had a lovely morning and it was delightful to hear a story from Thomas and offer him a few hints and tips,’ said Julie. ‘A thank you also to Dianne and her team at the library who made me so welcome.’

Julie is available for talks and readings for any group, school library or age group.